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campus network partner program

Take advantage of our close-knit network of partners!

A strong network for the best networks

No vendor or service provider can manufacture all the components for a private 5G campus network themselves – and they don’t have to! Because, thanks to our comprehensive partner program, we network with cutting-edge mobile communications, IT and industrial suppliers, and combine their products and know-how to create state-of-the-art campus network solutions. This is how we create ideal conditions for our partners and the best possible quality standards for our customers!


All hardware components must work together – be it a standard server, special radio access points, end devices or custom-made technology. When selecting components, we look for innovative, state-of-the-art equipment with an excellent product life span. We already have several trusted hardware partners and are always interested in new collaborations to offer our customers the best and most cost-effective solution.


But the best hardware is useless if the best software does not work on it. Some of our software manufacturers are hardware agnostic, i.e. customers can choose the most appropriate hardware for their requirements themselves. Others have very strict requirements and specifications in terms of hardware.

iconec will advise on the most efficient and high performance combination for your individual requirements.

Use Cases

A 5G campus network is never built purely for its own sake. Our customers use campus networks to meet specific technical challenges. In the campus network world, these are called use cases, i.e., special applications that are made possible or easier thanks to the secure and fast data transfer capabilities and high performance of a 5G campus network.

Examples of use cases
for 5G campus networks

Industrial digitalisation

In the case of industrial digitalisation or Industry 4.0, a 5G campus network enables machines to be connected wirelessly, with full data security, quickly and cost-effectively – for example, when integrating autonomous driving devices or forklifts (“automatic guided vehicles”) in warehouse logistics, but also in outdoor areas such as container terminals, loading ports, freight stations or for chemical factories and refineries.

eHealth applications

For eHealth applications in the context of hospital digitalisation – for example: tracking medical devices and appliances such as syringe pumps, mobile diagnostic imaging equipment, wheelchairs and patient beds (similar to industrial tool trackers).

AR/VR applications

AR/VR applications (augmented reality, virtual reality) for (safety) training in technical and medical fields (e.g. operations, surgical procedures) or in the field of design for complex vehicles, devices or buildings.

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring of machines, meters, sensors or safety-relevant environments – for transmission of sensor data via IIoT or high-resolution video in real time.

The field of application for 5G campus networks knows no limits. Do you have a very specific use case in mind? We can help you realize it.

Our partners

Athonet delivers the 5G mobile core of our 5G campus network. This experienced manufacturer from Italy has many customers worldwide, including some 800,000 private network users. The solution scales flexibly for small to large environments with millions of users. This is a software package that runs on standard hardware (COTS – commercial off the shelf).

This Taiwan-based subsidiary of htc supplies us with software for radio access networks (RAN). This software runs on standard servers (radio units). iconec sources the corresponding radio equipment.

This htc subsidiary manufactures innovative VR goggles. In cooperation with iconec, a B2B segment is being created to develop solutions for professional training, for example to train nursing staff in hospitals.

Become a
5G campus network partner

Do you have an idea or a use case for a specific company or even an industry and have no experience with mobile networks? Do you believe that your specific 5G sub-solution is even better than the competition and would like to promote and distribute it with iconec? Do you already have everything worked out but need help implementing it?

Become part of the iconec campus network partner program and develop ground-breaking fast and secure wireless communication solutions with us. Together we will shape the digital future of the German economy – get in touch with us!

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