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A 5G campus network –
as individual as your company

Is your WiFi network reaching its limits or do you just need something new? Depending on your requirements, a 5G campus network can supplement your existing network or replace it completely. Through comprehensive analyses, iconec helps you identify all current as well as future requirements for your network architecture in order to find the best possible 5G solution for your company.

Whether you need a geographically compact but technically sophisticated network for VR training and education, want to cover a factory floor, warehouse or agricultural land or even network multiple sites, a 5G campus network is the ideal foundation for all the communications challenges of our time.

Step by step to a customised 5G campus network

We offer a complete one-stop-shop range of services: Starting with 5G consulting to plan and design your network, through setting up the network and integrating it into your specific environment, to the optimisation of individual areas for specific applications and 24/7 operation – iconec manages the whole project for you, including the licence application with the German Federal Network Agency. Contact us today!







End-to-end integrity testing and
supplier certification

In addition to the major network infrastructure manufacturers, who have specialised in technology for large-scale public networks for decades, there are now many small and medium-sized specialist companies who develop and sell tailored solutions for 5G campus networks. This technology is quite different in terms of flexibility and scalability, working either only locally, via a cloud connection or configurable for both, using specially developed all-in-one radio access points or so-called distribution systems.

We continuously analyse all the relevant solutions on the market, select the best components, test their connectivity with other manufacturers’ products and integrate them into an existing 5G campus network in our innovative 5G lab in Nuremberg. Only when these customised end-to-end solutions pass our tests do they receive iconec certification.

iconec helps you to find your way through the jungle of system manufacturers!

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