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Discover our innovative 5G lab at our Nuremberg site

Why do we have a 5G laboratory?

In a nutshell: Telecommunications is in our DNA. In the course of our 20-year company history, the number of manufacturers for system components has grown rapidly and with it the demands on network professionals like us. So that we can offer our customers a consistently broad range of high-quality services, we applied for a commercial campus network licence from the Federal Network Agency and established our own 5G laboratory. Here we can test various hardware and software components for compatibility and performance under authentic conditions and design a customised network solution for each customer.

Press releases for the official opening on May 19, 2022 with our partners:

We find optimal end-to-end solutions

Preparation of the equipment before delivery to the customer

After coordinating with the customer on the system elements required, we at iconec ensure that all the components function smoothly with each other in our own laboratory and test all use cases so that the system can be delivered to the customer pre-configured and working perfectly. This also ensures that setting up and commissioning of the 5G campus network on-site can be done as quickly as possible.

Interoperability testing of the different network components from different manufacturers

Despite 3GPP standardisation, not all components always work together smoothly. In the iconec 5G campus network lab, the devices and software products from a wide range of manufacturers are connected, integrated in a complete solution and put through their paces. This is why we guarantee our customers lifecycle management – that means our iconec certified systems work from day one and stay that way thanks to regular updates.

Pre-integration and testing of applications

Specific customer requirements, e.g. particular devices or software, can be pre-installed, tested and demonstrated to customers in advance in the iconec 5G campus network lab.

Facilities for developers to test use cases and applications

In the field of 5G technology, many developers are working on highly specialised use cases and customised solutions – e.g., virtual reality training or special applications for device location or tool tracking in large production halls. That is why iconec makes the 5G campus network lab available to external third parties as well as partners for testing and integration purposes. This allows developers to check that their product works as expected in a commercial private 5G campus network or to test new features, for example.

Demonstrations and presentations

We are happy to demonstrate in our own campus network how employees and devices can be securely connected via 5G, how such a network is set up and operated, as well as showing you examples of possible applications that can run in the network.

How our 5G
campus network lab is set up

Our 5G campus network laboratory in Nuremberg is designed to be very flexible. In addition to the reference configuration, it is also geared towards testing new or additional system components and provides capacity for at least two core networks and two different radio access networks that can operate in parallel. At the same time, up to four radio cells from various manufacturers can be “on air” if required. For RAN (radio access network), there are always two different types of systems in operation:


a so-called “all-in-one” small-cell-based “OpenRAN” solution

"distributed architecture"

a “distributed architecture” consisting of standard servers for the CU (centralised unit) and the DU (distributed unit) as well as powerful access points RU (radio unit).

We would be happy to discuss with you on site the advantages and disadvantages of the different approaches or which 5G campus network solution would be suitable for your company.

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