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Are you thinking about a private 5G campus network for your organisation? You will find out everything you need to know here.

What is a campus network?

Campus networks are (tele)communication networks that are operated in non-public spaces, for example in factories or hospitals. For a long time, a distinction was made mainly between wired (LAN) and wireless (WLAN/WiFi/DECT) networks.

The term “campus network” has emerged in recent years for networks based on an existing mobile network standard such as GSM, UMTS, LTE or 5G. In addition to the licence-free option of setting up networks via WLAN/WiFi, the Federal Network Agency in Germany has approved other networks that can be licensed for a small fee and that operate in the same frequency spectrum as public mobile networks.

Differences between WiFi, public and private campus networks

The following options are available to network a non-public space.


WiFi/WLAN networks

WiFi and WLAN networks have been around for many years and have become indispensable for private households as well as for commercial and public areas. A WiFi or WLAN network is always set up in a dedicated manner and can be extensively adapted to the end user’s requirements thanks to an array of options and products from a wide range of manufacturers.

WiFi and WLAN networks easily and cost-effectively cover most of the wireless control and transmission needs of trade, industry and logistics. However, although the standard is constantly being developed and upgraded in terms of data security, transmission rates and networking options, these systems are constantly subject to hacking attempts and are also extremely susceptible to interference from other signals.

Public campus networks

These networks are offered by professional mobile radio providers. If, for example, a company decides to expand its existing WiFi or WLAN network to include a connection to a public network, they can use “network slicing” to cut off a slice of the public network and use it for their own purposes.

In this case, the mobile radio providers then reserve exclusive capacity for the company’s users. This means that a professional provider assumes responsibility for network stability, however, these networks can only be adapted minimally to the individual needs of the company. And there are other disadvantages: Many mobile radio or network standards are not available across the whole of Germany. And, connecting to a public network is very expensive.

Private campus networks

There is one ideal solution that ticks all the boxes, and that is a private 5G campus network. This solution is a dedicated private network that can be completely adapted to the requirements of a company and the local conditions. Furthermore, a private campus network can be easily integrated into the existing network architecture.

Especially when a large number of different end devices need to be efficiently networked – for example in smart factories or for IIoT and mMTC (Massive Machine Type Communication) applications – then a private 5G campus network really comes into its own and the maximum potential begins to unfold. The 5G standard also guarantees particularly high-volume data throughputs, which, when it comes to VR or AR design, for example, are essential for smooth video data transmission via eMBB (Enhanced Mobile Broadband). Responsive connections also mean that machines can be controlled in real-time – here it’s all about URLLC (ultra reliable low latency communications). Given all of these benefits, the list of possible use cases is endless ...

An overview of network types

Data Security
Outdoor coverage
Response time
Network flexibility
Network availability/coverage
Resource management
WiFi / Wlan
Public 5G slice
Private 5G

Network setup options –
adapted to your needs

Campus networks can be set up in a variety of ways – from being part of a public mobile radio network to being a completely self-sufficient, highly available and highly secure local network. Our consultants have over 20 years of experience in setting up and operating mobile radio networks. Let us advise you about every aspect of your network needs and create the perfect solution for your organisation.

Part of a public network without own infrastructure
Part of a public network with additional own infrastructure
Completely privately owned network
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