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Start now in the networked world of tomorrow – with a tailored campus network from iconec.
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Private campus networks offer distinct advantages not only to large corporations, but also to small and medium-sized companies. As a welcome alternative to interference-prone and insecure WLAN or WiFi networks, they come out on top especially when processes must be networked efficiently – for example in Industry 4.0 applications or in the eHealth sector. When choosing a mobile communications standard, fast 5G technology is particularly attractive for companies.

Modern 5G campus networks can be individually adapted to your company and your needs, whether you are replacing or extending your existing network.

A 5G campus network puts full control into your hands, similar to having your own enterprise WiFi. The system can be reconfigured at any time. For maximum flexibility.

Halls full of network technology are a thing of the past. A complete 5G campus network with considerable capacity fits into half a 19-inch rack these days.

your 5G campus network experts

Take advantage of our customised solutions for the communication challenges of a smart economy. Whether for the Industrial Internet of Things, asset tracking or machine monitoring: A 5G campus network is a reliable basis for smooth operations – even regardless of the digital transformation towards industry 4.0.

We support you with our range of services along every step of the way to a 5G campus network for your organisation:


Industry-specific use cases for
5G campus networks


Partners and co-operations

To enable us to offer every customer the perfect network solution, we have launched the iconec campus network partner programme. Our mission is to connect the best providers from the mobile sector, IT and industry and to create cutting-edge technological synergies. We benefit from an extensive network of hardware, software and application partnerships, and we are constantly expanding this network to include innovative new supply sources.


5G campus network test laboratory at our Nuremberg location

In our in-house 5G lab we have a campus network, adapted to real-world conditions, which we can reconfigure time and again. Taking into account all your specific requirements, we can rigorously put a system through its paces, prepare the equipment, test the interoperability of various network components and demonstrate use cases. This allows us to find the ideal quality standards for your needs and offer you detailed insights into the performance and practicality of an individual 5G campus network.

Press releases for the official opening on May 19, 2022 with our partners:

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